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If anyone had looked underneath, they might have seen the single glove which pushed the brunette's arms between her shoulder blades and her hands deep between her own firm ass cheeks. They would have seen the monofiliment garter hobbles which stretched between her thighs and knees. They would have seen the plaster tape sealing her lower face, and the squares of duct tape keeping her eyes closed. And they may have even seen the hearing "aides" deafening her with screaming acid rock. But no one looked. Aggie had prepped the prison guards well. For the past six months, she had hired a prostitute, who was approximately the same height and weight as the assistant assistant d.a., to play her "sister-in-law" on every connubial visit. The sister-in-law who was "married" to the inmate. Because of that, the guards only grunted and looked away when they opened the gate to the prison's connubial trailer area. She had also seen to it, through her obnoxious behavior, that the guards would go out of their way to avoid her gaze. For her part, Chloe had no idea where she was. In addition to the inmate's sibling's "preparations," the drugs they had stolen from the hospital, using the captive teenage nurse's i.d., helped make Kinsley even more pliant. So it was easy to lead her right to the trailer and inside-directly in the middle of a compound filled with cops who were doing everything they could to find her. Inside, the inmate immediately grabbed his prosecutor by the hips before tearing open the coat. Chloe stood in a red garter belt and stockings and nothing else, her mouth and lips sealed. The inmate stared in wonder at her oblivious beauty, then started to sneer. "Get the single glove off," he whispered hoarsely, his hard-on threatening to tear through his pants. "Then get her onto the bed...."

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